Active Directory is Microsoft's domain controller service.

In case your company is using Active Directory to manage the employees you can now connect Gtmhub with Active Directory and automatically onboard all your users to Gtmhub.

What does it do?

  • Automatically create Gtmhub users from your Active Directory
  • When user is removed from Active Directory it will also be removed from Gtmhub
  • Map Active Directory roles to Gtmhub roles
  • Allow users to login to Gtmhub with their Active Directory credentials


In order to be able to connect Gtmhub with your Active Directory instance you will need following:

  • Enterprise edition of Gtmhub
  • Have to be in admin role of Gtmhub
  • Azure Active Directory rights to approve Gtmhub's request to read from the directory


  • Log in to Gtmhub
  • Navigate to Setup > Configuration > Active Directory

Note: If you don't see Active Directory option it means your edition of Gtmhub does not support Active Directory (contact us for more info)

  • Enter your Active Directory domain and click Test connection button
  • If the domain is valid and connection was successful you will see following screen
  • Now, you need to give Gtmhub rights to read your Active Directory information. To do so click on the Open confirmation screen button.
  • If you have permissions to allow Gtmhub to read your Active Directory, you will see a screen similar to this one. Click on the Accept button.

Once the connection has been successfully established, you will see your Active Directory connection in Gtmhub.

Optionally, you can go here and map your Active Directory roles with Gtmhub roles. For example, you could decide that Active Directory role "hr" maps to Gtmhub role "admin".

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