This feature allows you to align OKRs between planning sessions. In this article I'll be showing the typical use case, where quarterly OKRs support annual OKRs.

First, we'll create two quarterly planning sessions (Q1 2018 & Q2 2018) and one annual (Annual session 2018).

We also have some OKRs that live in both quarterly sessions and a single OKR in the annual one called "Accelerate Growth".  Now let's make a few of our Q1 OKRs supportive to the "Accelerate Growth" OKR. To do that, go to the respective OKR from Q1 (in our example Increase demand) and click on their name.

Next, scroll down and click on the "Link objective".

From the next popup window we'll select our Annual session 2018.

And finally, we'll select the "Accelerate Growth" OKR from the next screen.

That's it, now we have linked an OKR that lives in our Q1 2018 session with an the Accelerate Growth OKR that lives in our annual session. We'll now repeat the steps described above for a few more OKRs that live in the Q1 and Q2 sessions - all of these will be supportive to the OKR that live in the annual session. As a result, we'll be able to see this cross linking in new graph, shown below:

The above picture is showing all supportive OKRs to the annual OKR "Accelerate Growth". To go to this screen, click on the name of your annual OKR and find the "See attribution" link.

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