Bulk check-in of OKRs

The bulk check-in functionality allows you to select any given combination of OKRs that you wish to update at once. In conjunction with filtering and sorting functionality, it is pretty easy to update any slice of the OKRs.

Bulk check-in of OKRs in the grid view of the OKRs module

Tip: You can select all objectives in a filtered list by clicking the title of column "Select".

Check-in all OKRs for a team

Some teams prefer to have a short weekly meeting and go through all the key results together.

Bulk OKRs check-in for teams

To access this feature, find your team in the people module and click on the Check-in for all objectives button.

Check-in all your OKRs at once

Navigate to people module, select an employee and click on the Check-in for all objectives button. This feature is useful for your weekly check-in, where you can quickly update all of your progress from one screen.

Multiple OKRs check-ins for an employee

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