Bulk check-in of OKRs in a session

The bulk check-in functionality allows you to select any given combination of OKRs that you wish to update at once. In addition to the filtering and sorting functionalities, the Key results Check-in makes every OKR's update as simple as that.

Go to the relevant session > Objectives > Settings and actions > Key results Check-in... Voila! You are good to go and update those KRs.

Tip: You can select all objectives in a filtered list by clicking the title of column "Select".

Check-in all OKRs for a team

Some teams prefer to have a short weekly meeting and go through all their key results together.

Navigate to the relevant session > People > Teams and then choose the team you'll update OKRs for. 

Then a dialogue box will open and all you have to do is click on the Objectives tab and choose the Check-in for all objectives button. Then the fun starts. 

You'll be able to see not only the OKRs assigned to the team but also to individual members who belong to this particular team.

Check-in all personal OKRs for an employee

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to update a single person's OKRs, navigate to the People module > Employees and click on the Check-in for all objectives button.

This feature is useful for your weekly check-ins, where you can quickly update all of your progress from one screen.

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