Export the OKR list to excel

Gtmhub allows you to export the OKR list (a.k.a. OKR grid) into Excel. Follow these simple steps to do it:

  • From the OKRs dropdown menu choose the session you need
  • In the Objective view click on "Settings and actions" button¬†
  • Then choose "Export to Excel"
  • In a second the excel file will be downloaded

Export the "Team view" to excel

Additionally, you can export the summary of a team to an excel file. This is how it goes:

  • From the People dropdown menu choose Teams
  • Select the team you would like to export data about
  • From the upper right corner open the Options menu and click "Export to Excel"¬†

You can also print the "Team Details" view

When in the Team Details view, you can hit "Ctrl+P" (command+P) to preview and print the print-ready page.

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