To create an OKR, you should log in to Gtmhub application and click the OKRs section dropdown in the top navigation. 

Make sure that you have created a planning session with status Open.

From the drop-down menu, in OKRs screen, choose the planning session.

Once you are there, you will see a green Add new objective button in the upper right corner.
Click on the Add new objective button and a form for creating a new OKR will appear.
Define your objective by setting the following fields:

  • Name (required) - name of the objective. For example, Improve communication between sales and marketing team.
  • Description (optional) - description of the objective, usually a reason why you want to achieve this objective. For example, Our conversion rate is pretty low, so we need to improve the way in which marketing and sales teams define qualified opportunities.
  • Owner (required) - person or a team that is responsible for the objective. To set the owner, just start typing the name of the person or a team and selector will appear. Select the person or a team from the selector.
  • Alignment (optional) - If this objective exists in order to support a higher level objective, you can select that higher level objective here. For example, if you have decided to Improve communication between sales and marketing team in order to support Increase conversion rates objective, you would align your objective with Increase conversion rates objective.
  • Confidence level (optional) - By default, this value will be set to 0.7, meaning that you are about 70% sure you can fully achieve your objective (0.7 is OKRs best practice). However, if you are more confident you could change this to 0.8 or 0.9, or alternatively to 0.5 if you think the objective may be too ambitious.

Click on the Save objective button and your OKR will be created. 

You can now proceed to defining key results for this objective.

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