Working with a list of objectives is a lot more enjoyable with the easy filtering and sorting options that Gtmhub provides.

Sort a column in objectives list view

To sort any column in your objectives list view (grid view) under OKRs > Objectives, just click on the column name once for sorting ascending and twice for sorting descending. 


Sorting can come in handy on your weekly OKR retrospectives.
You can filter the list by Team & Team members using the Filter by assignee functionality and then sort by progress to see which objectives needs your and your team urgent attention.

Or at the begining of your OKR period, you may have a custom column to indicate whether an OKR is reviewed and agreed with your manager, like in the example below.

Here we have created a custom OKR field where each objective owner can select OKR status Draft or Live for each of their objectives. Status appears in a new column within the objectives list (OKRs > Objectives).

Managers can easily sort by clicking the name of the OKR status column and see the objectives that haven't been reviewed and approved yet, marked with Draft status.

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