Defining objectives and key results is just the beginning of your OKR journey. Without follow up and follow through, the whole exercise will be a loss of time, effort and energy.

To ensure that teams are focused and driving objectives forward, it is important to have a regular, usually weekly, follow up meeting where progress, priorities, obstacles and small victories are discussed. This meeting is normally referred to as a ‘Check-in’.

Check-ins (retrospective meetings) should be regular and short; the main purpose is a progress update, which usually starts with updating key results. 

Accessing objectives 

To update the progress on a key result you need to first access the objective. You can access all objectives assigned to you from the side panel – choose My objectives; or by filtering. 

Updating key results

Then choose the objective that you want to update and click on the title of the key result that you have progress on. 

Update the number if the KR has a numeric value, or select True/False if the KR is Boolean.

Finally, click Check in to save your changes.

Gtmhub also supports updating of multiple OKRs at once:

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