Once you create your OKR Session and start adding OKRs for your company or team, you'll notice how quickly the list with OKRs grows.

To make it easier to navigate and access the information you need, you can use the different filter and search options available in the OKRs > Objectives section.

An easy way to filter the OKR list and see objectives assigned to you, your team or any combination of OKR owners, is to use Filter by assignee functionality.

It enables filtering OKRs by:

  • Employees

Allows you to filter by one or more individuals who own OKRs.

  • Teams 

Filter by one or more teams who own OKRs.

  • Teams and team members 

Shows OKRs assigned to a given team and its team members.
Tip: recommended for team
OKR retrospectives.

  • Quick Filters 

Quick access to the most used filter options such as My Objectives, My team and team mates' objectives, etc.

And finally, you can export to excel the filtered OKRs list.

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