Badges are imagined as a light and fun way of recognizing colleagues for their effort and the value they bring.

Badges are available in the People section of Gtmhub.

Create Badges

Gtmhub comes with a gallery of 10 predefined badges that you can start using right away. 

To install the gallery navigate to People > Badges > Install from gallery and select Install.

You can also create custom badges for your organization.

Navigate to People > Badges > Create new badge and get creative. You can choose from multiple backgrounds, icons and patterns to create your unique badges.

Award Badges

The most important part – of course – is awarding badges.

Awarding a badge can be done from multiple places:

1. From the Badges module

2. From the Employees module - to award an individual with a badge

3. From the Teams module - to award a team with a badge

When the badge is awarded, you can also leave a comment why this is done – which will be announced to colleagues.


Gtmhub also provides permissions on who can define and award badges.

By default only users with admin role will be able to create and award badges. You can easily give access to people from Human Resources team or team managers and leads to do so.

To allow a team member to create, manage and award Badges for your account, you'd need to assign them with the pre-defined HCM role.

Navigate to Setup > Users.
Select the user/s that you want to assign the role to and choose the HCM (Human Capital Management) role.

In case someone is assigned with a custom role, edit the role and make sure that Manage Badges is ticked.

All awarded badges are recorded in the Announcements feed where you can react with a clap or comment. It's a nice way to thank to the person who assigned you with the badge 😉

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