Gtmhub Conversations module enables you to schedule and follow up on meetings. Each meeting has agenda and agreed follow up tasks that people can action against. All this information is recorded in the system and can be accessed later on.

Access Conversations

Navigate to the People section and chose Conversations from the drop-down menu.

In this area you can schedule conversations concerning your OKRs such as 1:1 meetings, mid-quarter reviews, wrap up OKRs discussions etc.

The My conversations menu shows you a list of your current, future and completed meetings. 

Create a new meeting

Hit the Schedule new conversation button on the top right to schedule a new meeting.  

  • Give your meeting a topic. 
  • Set a location for the meeting. 
  • Propose a sample agenda
  • Set date and time for the meeting and its duration.
  • Invite which people will see the meeting request and the meeting notes. 

At the end send your meeting request.  

This meeting is now listed under Scheduled conversations

Complete and follow up on a meeting

From your newly created scheduled conversation you can write and add action points.

You can mark the meeting's action points as done and also mark the meeting as completed. 

Once completed, the meeting can be found under Completed conversations.    

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