What is a team?

In Gtmhub, team is a term we use for any group of people. Company itself is just a team. You can use teams to define divisions, departments, squads, tribes...

Teams have a manager and members. Setting up team proper team structure allows Gtmhub to automatically create reports and set view rights (e.g. my manager only).

How to create a team?

To create a new team, follow this process:

  • In Gtmhub, navigate to People section. If you don't see the People section, it means you are not using Performance edition. Contact us to upgrade you.
  • Go to the Teams tab
  • Click on the Create new team button

Enter the team information in the form:

  • Team name This is the name of the team. If the team represents company, you can name it Company or enter the name of the company.
  • Short description In this field, enter the mission of the team or the reason why team exists.
  • Parent team Gtmhub allows you to build an org chart. With the parent team, you can build the hierarchy of the teams. For example, you can have company team at the top, then sales team underneath, then account executive team underneath. In this field select the parent team of the team you are creating.
  • Team icon To give a team personality, you can choose an icon and color of a team.
  • Click on the Save team button
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