Gtmhub is a helpful fellow when it comes to reminding that your key result updates are due.

Automated email reminders can be received on a regular basis and provide you with a one-click option to update all of the OKRs. To reiterate, a person may be responsible for following key results:

  • Key results belonging to personal OKRs
  • Key results belonging to team OKRs where the person is the manager
  • Key results owned by the person, belonging to other people or team OKRs

All-in-one OKR check-in reminder

To adjust the frequency of the email reminders:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Methodology
  2. Click on Update Cadence button
  3. Adjust the time zone of your account and choose the schedule for the emails from the Check-in deadline section
  4. Click Save to save the changes made

With cadence settings, you can define how often should OKRs be updated, what is the deadline for updating them, as well as when should the reports be sent.

Global OKR cadence settings

You can also choose whether to turn off email reminders for updating key results (Check-in deadline), the aggregated OKR reports (Personal and team reports), or even both.

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