Gtmhub Pulse is a dashboard personalised for each employee, which gives every person access to the most relevant information from one single place.

Insights in Pulse

Gtmhub Pulse comes with following insights:

  • Company progress - How is the company performing against its objectives?
  • My team’s progress – How is your team performing against its objectives?
  • My personal progress – How are you doing against your objectives?
  • My reports - Allows managers of teams to be able to see how their team members (direct reports) are performing.
  • My feedback - All feedback on your objectives, as well as comments where you were mentioned.
  • Subscriptions feed – Activity feed showing all changes and updates that were made in the objectives, teams or employees that you subscribe to. All the updates have relevant links which allow you to quickly jump into an objective, employee or team to find out more information about the changes.


Gtmhub will automatically subscribe you to many of the things that we think make sense. For example, any comment made on your objective, or objective of a member of your team. However, if you find it overwhelming you can always unsubscribe from manage subscriptions option on the insight.

Or you can use the Unsubscribe button to stop receiving updates for a given objective (same with teams and employees).

View editor of Pulse dashboard

And finally, you can add and remove widgets as you see fit, just as well as you can reorder them – until it feels just right.

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