Gtmhub provides a simple way to connect to a Facebook page and measure the key insights of that page.

How to connect

  • In Gtmhub navigate to Setup > Data Sources screen.
  • Click on the Add new Data Source button.
  • From the Choose a Data Source dialog, select Facebook from the Social tab.
  • Click on the Authenticate button and grant Gtmhub access to your Facebook account
  • From the list of Facebook pages, select the one which you wish to track and click the Use ... button
  • Give the data source a meaningful name (e.g. Gtmhub page, in our case) and set the sync schedule to daily
  • Click on the Save button

What data from Facebook can you use

The Facebook connector is so called append connector, meaning it will sync daily stats for your page. Every sync will produce a new data point in Gtmhub. Following data can be used:

  • Page engaged users (daily)
  • Page impressions (daily)
  • New likes (daily)
  • Page views (daily)
  • Video views (daily)
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