Tags are a handy way to categorize your OKRs. Be it committed and aspirational, or simply putting in three buckets eg business, customers, people - tags give you so much options and flexibility!

You're able to filter objectives by tags, see only the ones related to a certain initiative, check the progress or statistics of a group of OKRs.

Add a tag to an objective

To add a tag to an objective in Gtmhub open the objective (click on the title as you see it) and click on the tag 🏷icon.

As soon as you start typing, Gtmhub will suggest you a list of already existing tags to help you keep your taxonomy clean and organized.

Bulk Tagging

There's the option of tagging action en mass. Read about it here.

Search and filter by tag

You can filter by tag in Objectives views under OKRs...

...or in the Alignment view as well.

Finally, you can also narrow your Statistics screen to show you the statistics just for one or more particular tags.

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