How to leave a comment?

Many teams and even teammates work in different locations and sometimes the collaboration between them is challenging.

Everyone can leave a comment on an

  • objective
  • key result update
  • announcement
  • team
  • employee
  • even on an insight

This eases communication and boosts the feeling of real team togetherness.It's a sign that everyone cares for others and can offer help, give advice or share feedback.

You can also mention colleagues in comments. All you need to do is type “@” and the first few letters of the person’s name. Any time you mention someone, that person will receive an email notification.

Comment Notifications

Every time someone comments on an objective, the objective owner will receive an email notification. Likewise, if you leave feedback for a colleague in the People section, they will be notified as soon as the comment has been posted. 

In case someone posts a comment to a team or to an objective assigned to a team, notification will be sent to the person added as a manager of this team in Gtmhub.

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