At Gtmhub, we think of OKRs as a pyramid with three main components.

Each individual OKR is defined through three following things:

  • Objective
    Example: Improve sales process
    What is it that I want to achieve. Should be qualitative, yet measurable. OKR has only 1 objective (and it should not contain words such as "and" or "or")
  • Key results
    Example: Shorten life cycle to 42 days
    How will I measure my achievement? Should be quantitative. OKR should have 3-5 key results in order to fully capture the intention of the objective.
  • Effort/Tasks
    Example: Prepare sales one-pager
    What will I do about achieving my objectives? This is typical tasks. Usually have states such as "to do", "in progress" and "done". There may be as many tasks as necessary to achieve the objective.

How to create tasks in Gtmhub?

You can easily create tasks and attach tasks to OKRs in Gtmhub. Attaching tasks to OKRs in the Hub is optional.

To create a task in the Hub:

  1. Navigate to Hub Section
  2. Click on Tasks
  3. Click on + Create new task
  4. Enter a title, select an assignee, add a description (optional), add a due date (optional) and attach an OKR (optional)

If a due date is coming up, we send out a notification (via email and in app)
24h before the due date.

To create a task from the Objective view:

  1. Navigate to Hub section
  2. Create a new objective or open an existing one
  3. Scroll down to the Tasks section
  4. Enter a title, owner of the task and a due date (optional)

Gtmhub will automatically count the number of tasks, as well as the number of completed tasks. As you keep working on tasks, you can easily mark them as being in progress or being completed.

How to attach or detach an OKR to a task in the Hub?

You can attach a task to an OKR to show how your work relates to your OKRs.

To attach an OKR to a task:

  1. Decide which task you'll attach the OKR to
  2. Click on the cell in the OKR column
  3. Select a session
  4. Hover over the OKR you wish to attach
  5. Click Select

To detach an OKR from a task in the list view:

  1. Click on the ellipsis (i.e. ...)
  2. Select Detach from OKR

To detach an OKR from a task in the kanban view:

  1. Click on the ellipsis (i.e. ...)
  2. Select Edit
  3. Click on the X

How to switch from a list to a kanban view of tasks in the Hub?

You can quickly switch between a list and kanban view of tasks in the Hub.

To switch from a list to kanban view:

  1. Navigate to Hub Section
  2. Select a filter (e.g. My OKRs)
  3. Click on Tasks
  4. Click on View as kanban
  5. Click a task to drag and drop between columns to update the status

How to archive or unarchive tasks in the Hub?

You can archive or unarchive tasks to hide them from the list or kanban view.

To archive tasks:

  1. In either the list or kanban view, click on the ellipsis (i.e. ...)
  2. Click on Archive from the menu

To unarchive tasks in the Hub:

  1. Click on Archived tasks
  2. Click on Unarchive

JIRA tasks

Gtmhub also provides a direct integration with JIRA. In that scenario you can define your tasks in JIRA and assign them to your OKRs. It is also possible to mix Gtmhub tasks with JIRA tasks.

You can install a free JIRA plugin from Atlassian Marketplace for Jira Cloud.

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