Aligning OKRs between planning sessions

So far Gtmhub was allowing users to align (link) OKRs, but only within a given planning session (e.q. Q3 2017). 

The new feature will allow you to align OKRs between planning sessions. A typical use case is for quarterly OKRs to support annual OKRs of the company.

The new feature will also provide advanced reporting functionality that will show the correlation and impact of quarterly OKRs on the top-level company OKRs.

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STATUS: Released

Aligning objectives with key results

At the moment, you can align child objective with a parent objective in Gtmhub. With this new feature, we will allow you to align child objective with a particular key result of the parent objective.

STATUS: In progress

Enhanced key results

We will make key results in Gtmhub more powerful by adding several optional properties which you will be able to define.

  • Owner  - so far, you could assign owner only to the objective. With this new feature, you will be able to assign OKR to a team and individual key results to team members)

  • Description - in case you need to provide lengthier explanation of the key result

  • Check-in date - at the moment, Gtmhub always uses current date for check-in. With this new feature, it will be possible to change this date, making it possible to have more precise progression charts.

Release notes:

STATUS: Released

Improvement for tags

  • We will add ability to see a list of existing tags (not only typeahead suggestions). 

  • Ability to bulk apply tags

  • Advanced search for tags (e.g. does not contain tag)

STATUS: Postponed

Notifications improvements

We will implement multiple improvements for the e-mail notifications related to updating manual key results.

  • Ability to set default reminder for everyone in the planning session (e.g. every Friday). Currently, reminder has to be manually set for each key result.

  • Ability to set reminders to more than one person (useful for OKRs owned by teams)

  • Slack / Workplace by FB / Push notifications in addition to e-mail notifications


STATUS: In progress

Weekly e-mail reports

We will be sending personalized weekly updates to all users - showing the progress of the company, their team and their personal progress. 


STATUS: In progress

Domo BI connector

Connector for Domo BI, which will allow users to use Domo insights as dynamic key results.

STATUS: Postponed

Improvements to Masterplans functionality

Masterplans allow users to install multiple insights with one-click for popular systems such as Salesforce or JIRA. In Q1 2018, we will improve masterplans in following ways:

  • Ability to re-install masterplan (get the newly added insights)

  • Logging functionality to solve problems during masterplan installations

  • Uninstall masterplan

  • Notifications that new version of masterplan exists, with ability to update

  • Ability to install only chosen insights from a masterplan

STATUS: Released

New masterplans & insights

We are aiming to add 5 new masterplans (the datasources yet to be decided), as well as provide 200 new out-of-the-box insights.

STATUS: Released

Already released:

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