Gtmhub comes with following out-of-the-box insights for popular payment provider Chargebee.


  • Total MRR
    The total amount of Monthly Recurring Revenue

  • Churn MRR
    The amount of churned Monthly Recurring Revenue

  • New MRR
    The total new Monthly Recurring Revenue coming from customers that have activated their subscription in the given time frame.

  • Trial Accounts
    The number in accounts that are in trial for a given time period.

  • Paying Accounts
    Total number of paying customers.

  • New Paying Accounts
    The number of accounts that have an active subscriptions in a given time frame

  • Churn Accounts
    Number of accounts that have churned over a period of time.

  • New Sales
    Amount of new sales based on first time invoices.

  • Total ARR
    The total Annual Recurring Revenue coming from customers that have active subscriptions

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