Gtmhub connects to over 150 business systems and automates your OKRs. The platform enables you to design your OKRs, so you no longer need to post manual updates. Instead, you can connect your key result value to an insight and have the value updated automatically from the insight calculation.

You define key results dynamically by building an insight.
Insights help you calculate and visualize important metrics about your business.
For more information, see Create insights with SQL.

Your insight outputs one or more numbers, depending on how you have defined it.
You configure the HTML of the insight to make its numbers connect to the dynamic key result.


To be able to use an insight to create automatic key results, you must output the number from the insight in a <metric> HTML tag.

The <metric> tag will render a green dot when you hover over your insight number. When you click this dot, a wizard opens. It guides you through the steps to create your dynamic key result.

For more information, see Example: Create an insight with metrics.


You define key results dynamically by building an insight.

  1. Create an insight to be used as input for the key result updates.
    The insight must use the <metric>

  2. From the insight, create the dynamic key result.

  3. Every time your data source syncs and pulls new data in Gtmhub, your insight calculates new results.

  4. These results automatically update your key result current value.

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