Feedback has now been sunset, more information can be found on this update here.

Gtmhub allows anyone in the company to comment on objectives, teams and team members. Now we are taking this concept to a new level, with the new feedback functionality.

Provide feedback to anyone within the organization

Specify who can see the feedback

  • only the person receiving the feedback

  • the person receiving the feedback and their manager

  • only the manager of the person receiving the feedback

Request personal feedback from colleague or manager

Request feedback for a team member, if manager

Ability to define structured feedback (questions, multiple choice and so on)

Status: Planned


Give badges to your colleagues and recognize them for their effort: Superhero, Expert, Deep thinker...

Ability to define any number of badges or reuse existing

Define icon and color for badges

Reports on how many badges were awarded, which are most used, who is most recognized

Status: Released
Release notes:


The new conversations functionality provides employees and managers with quick and hassle-free ability to do check-ins and 1-on-1s.

Initiate check-in or 1-on-1 with the manager, with calendar invites

Draft OKRs within the conversation, publish them with one click after the conversation

Set agenda and talking points prior to the conversation

Set and track action points during and after the conversation

Status: Planned

Customer feature requests

We are constantly collecting feedback from our customers on how to improve Gtmhub. Every quarter we budget significant part of our resources to implement these requests.

Make "clone" default action in the bulk OKR operations
At the moment, "move" is a default action - which often confuses users. Most of the times, our users wish to "clone" OKRs, not "move.

Status: Released
Release notes: Entirely re-worked Bulk functionality

Reminder for tasks
Gtmhub allows users to define tasks, however, sometimes people simply forget about them. We will now implement a weekly report for each team member, with the list of unfinished tasks.

Status: Planned

Key result labels
At the moment, key results in Gtmhub are simpy numbers. Most of the times, a label such as currency ($, EUR...), percentage (%) or similar would make key results much more intuitive. We will add ability to define labels on numeric key results.

Status: Planned

List key result owners in OKRs grid
With the new feature, which allows users to assign key result to individuals, there is now a need to display key result owners in the OKRs grid.

Status: Released
Release notes:

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