In Gtmhub, you're in a full control when it comes to customizing receiving notifications via e-mail or your Gtmhub inbox. 

Here's how to access the general notifications panel in Gtmhub:

  1. Click the Notifications icon on the top ribbon right next to your company logo
  2. Click the Manage notifications button
  3. Adjust which notifications you'd like to receive via which channel


You can enable/disable all the inbox/e-mail notifications with only 1 click:


Here's a short list of all the notifications that you can receive via your Gtmhub Inbox and/or e-mail:

  1. KR Progress updates (including updates made by other people): KRs owned by me or by my team.
  2. OKRs edits (deletes, edits on titles, descriptions, alignment, session changes, tags, and changes on ownership, KR type and targets, unit and deadlines): Objectives and KRs owned by me or by my team. 
  3. OKRs assigned to me or my team.
  4. Objective approval: approvals, declines, withdraws, and status changes of the objective. 
  5. Mentions and comments: @mentions of your name and if you have posted or have been mentioned in related previous comments. 
  6. Bagdes: all badge notifications. 
  7. Feedback: feedback requested, completed, rejected, and received.
  8. Announcements I'm involved with: announcement posts.
  9. Tasks assigned to me or My Team 
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