Gtmhub has the ability to send out automated emails to all users in a given account with health statistics such as:

  • Aggregated progress on all OKRs per active session
  • List of objectives that are underperforming
  • List of key results that are underperforming
  • List of OKRs that were completed
  • List of Key Results that have not been updated for a while
  • List of people and teams that don’t own OKRs
  • List of Objectives that don’t have any Key Results defined

Aggregated OKR report

To adjust the frequency of the reports:

  1. Click the Setting button on the upper right corner > Methodology
  2. Click on Update notification settings button under the Reports and notifications section
  3. Adjust the Report cadence frequency to best reflect your case (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) 
  4. Choose the schedule for the reports from the Personal and team reports section
  5. Click Save to save the changes made

With cadence settings, you can define how often OKRs should be updated, what is the deadline for updating them as well as when should the reports be sent.

You can also choose whether to turn off email reminders for updating key results (update deadline), the aggregated OKR reports (Personal and team reports) or even both.

Quick Tip: The Aggregated OKR email will gather the information from all active sessions that are in an 'In progress' status only. In order to include sessions that are still in 'Open' status, check the box for the relevant option as shown in the screenshot below.

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