This feature is available in the People section of Gtmhub.

Create Badges

Gtmhub comes with a gallery of 10 predefined badges that you can start using right away. Follow these steps to explore them:

  1.  Go to People drop-down menu
  2. Choose Badges
  3. Make sure that you're at the Browse badges section

You can use the Install from gallery function to install a sample of pre-defined badges. Follow these steps to do that:

  1. Navigate to People drop-down menu
  2. Choose Badges
  3. Click the Install from Gallery button 
  4. Select Install

You can also create custom badges for your organization:

  1. Navigate to People
  2. Go to the Badges subsection
  3. Click the Create new badge button and get creative
  4. Click Save when done

Creating and customizing badges for your organization is the first step towards recognizing your employees and co-workers. Awarding them, however, is the most important step that needs to be undertaken next.

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