Asana is in an application designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.

How to connect
In Gtmhub, navigate to Insights > Data Sources screen
Click the Add new data source button
From the Choose a connector dialog, select the Product tab and then Asana

Then you have to specify the name of the connection so that you can later distinguish your Asana datasource - especially if your company uses more than one Asana instance. 

When you click Authenticate you will be redirected to to securely authenticate and allowing Gtmhub to access information in your account.

After authorizing Gtmhub you will be redirected back to to choose the entity you wish to sync.  One of the most popular starting points is   

After selecting the desired entity you wish to sync and its schedule an automatic sync is scheduled and is executed as soon as there is free resource.

Now you are ready to write insights based on the data fetched from Asana.

An Asana connection is saved the first time you add a datasource. Therefore, if you wish to add another data source you can skip the authorization process and choose one of the existing connections when you see this dialog:

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