Changing or resetting your passwords can be a pain. But the processes we have designed in Gtmhub are always with the user in mind. You can do that without too many hustles and still count on our superb security measures. 

You know your password but still you want to change it due to some security reasons. 

In order to change your password, you should follow the outlined steps:

  1. Login to Gtmhub
  2. Click on the side bar menu on the right. That's next to your avatar (or your initials, if you still haven't uploaded your pretty picture) 
  3. Click on Edit Profile
  4. Switch from Change Names to Change Password screen
  5. Type in your new password and then confirm it once again
  6. Hit Change Password button

And you're good to go. You have your brand new password active now.

You don't remember your password.

Sometimes you can forget your password but you've got nothing to worry. You can reset it very quickly.

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Hit Continue button to go to the next screen
  4. Click on Don't remember your password? and another screen will pop up with your populated email address. Make sure it's correctly spelled
  5. Click Send email button to receive an email to reset your password

This is how the email will look like:

 In the end, you'll be prompted to enter your new password twice and... success! You now have full access to your user in the Gtmhub account of your company.

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