How to connect

  • In Gtmhub, navigate to Setup > Data Sources screen
  • Click the Add new data source button
  • From the Choose a connector dialog, select the Product tab and then Service Now.

Then you have to specify the name of the connection so that you can later distinguish your ServiceNow datasource especially if your company uses more than one ServiceNow account.

In order to connect to your ServiceNow instance you have to first register Gtmhub app as ServiceNow client and then provide the Client ID and Client Secret. To register your Gtmhub app go to your ServiceNow instance and click on the instance URL.

Then you should see this screen:

In the Filter navigator search box type System OAuth and click on Application Registry and then click on New -> Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients. Then you'll have to fill in some info to create gtmhub connection. 

  • In the Name field type gtmhub.
  • In Redirect URL field type if your gtmhub account is created in Europe or if it's created in USA and click Create.
  • Choose All application scopes from Accessible from field and click Submit.
  • Refresh Token Lifespan field specifies for how long your Gtmhub account will have access to your ServiceNow data. Once the Refresh Token expires you will have to contact us to renew your connection. We suggest setting this value to 31557600. This will grant Gtmhub access to your ServiceNow data for a year. 

The newly registered application's Client ID and Client Secret can be found by clicking on the name of the application from the Application Registries list.

In order to create connection you will also need to provide the name of your ServiceNow instance and then click authenticate. You should see this screen.

Click allow and after authorizing Gtmhub for the specified account you will be redirected back to to choose the entity you wish to sync. Now you are ready to write insights based on the data fetched from ServiceNow.

A ServiceNow connection is saved the first time you add a datasource so if you wish to add another data source you can skip the authorization process and choose one of the existing connections when you see this dialog:

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