What is cadence

In Gtmhub, we define Cadence as the frequency of issuing a Key Result update. Cadence reflects the progress that was achieved in a specific session. However, for certain reasons, if none was achieved, there could be no progress reported for a specific Key Result or an activity. No matter that, this should also be shared with the rest of the team because it ensures that appropriate communication flow is being established in your organization. 

Set up the cadence for your organization using Gtmhub

To create the cadence for a session, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the OKRs > Manage sessions.
  2. Click on the Create a session button.
  3. Fill in the title, timeframe, status of your session.
  4. Set the cadence for your session to weekly, every two weeks, monthly.
  5. Click on the Create a session button.

How to review the cadence for a session

Navigate to Hub where a summary of the OKRs assigned to you will be displayed.

If you don’t have an assigned OKRs yet, first you have to create an Objective and assign a KR to yourself or your team in order to be able to check the cadence status of the session.

Best practices for choosing your OKR cadence

Every company has different planning cycles, needs, and priorities. Because of that, it’s important to note that session cadences can be customized accordingly. 

Although a strategic cadence report practices help stimulate a constant conversation about your organization’s annual goals, we do not advice to rely only on yearly progress check-ins since they don’t reflect on the small wins that your team achieved nor do they identify early blocks on the way that might sabotage the completion of your OKRs.

For that purposes, based on our experience, we recommend implementing either weekly or bi-weekly cadence for your session in your organization. This not only ensures better results tracking but also promotes transparency and helps team members to align with other departments in your organization. 

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