The Confidence level in Gtmhub indicates your subjective feeling on how likely you are to achieve a given key result in the respective time frame.

In a combination with the objective measurement of your achievement (KR values that mark the OKR progress), the subjective Confidence level provides more context. Eg. low KR progress with high confidence level might mean although we don't have tangible progress to report against, things will pick up soon and via versa - high KR progress with low Confidence might indicate a roadblock which soon might impede our way to successfully accomplishing the OKR.

In this article you'll learn how to:

  • Update the confidence level of a KR
  • Track the confidence of a KR

Update the confidence level of a KR

The confidence level is applied to a specific key result. You can update it when you update the respective key result.

  1. Update a Key Result
  2. Follow the steps of updating the number (if applicable) and add comment
  3. Update your confidence level

ℹ️ Your admin might have set the confidence level so it displays numeric scale, emojis or text.

Track the confidence of a KR

  1. Find the respective Key Result > click on the title to expand the KR details screen
  2. Hover over the Confidence Level graphic to track how your confidence level has progressed so far

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