Establishing a constant communication around OKR progress is one of Gtmhub's main goals. That's why we've built the most sophisticated goal-setting platform that ultimately allows you to communicate and focus on the stuff that matters the most. 

We've build features that allow you to engage with your teammates by posting comments or mentioning someone you work with.

Another aspect of the great internal communication around OKRs is to share your confidence level. The Confidence level is the subjective feeling of how likely it's for you to smash your goals and hit your Key Results. Also, it might indicate to others that you need additional help.

Here's how to share your confidence level:

  1. Navigate to a given Objective
  2. Choose the Key Result that you want to update
  3. Fill in all the mandatory fields and update your confidence level by clicking on an emoji or the text/numeric tag
  4. Click the Save button

A few additional notes

  1. Sharing your Confidence Level is a feature that can be applied only to a Specific Key Result but to not an Objective.
  2. Setting up your Confidence Scaling for your Gtmhub account is done only by the account administrator. If you're taking this role in your organization, follow this link to learn how to do that.

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