Editing and updating a Key Result are two different features that are both supported by Gtmhub. 

Here's how to edit your Key Results after you've already attached them to a particular Objective.

  1. Navigate to the OKRs drop-down menu
  2. Choose a session
  3. Pick an objective 
  4. Click on the 3-dotted button which is located right next to the Key Result you want to edit
  5. Choose the Edit Key result option
  6. Change the preset parameters 
  7. Click the Save button when ready

For greater transparency and better engagement, get into the habit of updating your Key Results.  And if you want your KRs to be real spot-ons even after you've created them, edit them and make the necessary corrections (such as renaming it, changing its type, or adding a deadline).

Don't be afraid to make changes after the session was kicked off. Small and reasonable improvements always matter. 

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