The Confidence level in Gtmhub indicates your subjective feeling on how likely you are to achieve a given key result in the respective time frame.

In a combination with the objective measurement of your achievement (KR values that mark the OKR progress), the subjective Confidence level provides more context. Eg. low KR progress with high confidence level might mean although we don't have tangible progress to report against, things will pick up soon and via versa - high KR progress with low Confidence might indicate a roadblock which soon might impede our way to successfully accomplishing the OKR.

In this article we will explore:

Default confidence level account settings

The confidence level settings are applied account wide and take effect over all OKR sessions you have created, meaning any key result created in your account will have the same Confidence level labels.

To access the Confidence level settings in your account you'd need admin role or permissions to access the account settings.

Under Settings (the gear ⚙️ icon at the bottom left) > Configuration tab scroll down until you reach:

  • Confidence level scale
  • Custom confidence labels

By default Gtmhub will visualize the KR Confidence level labels as a number scale from 0 to 1 with a step 0.1.

Customize the confidence level labels for your account

The default number Confidence level labels scale is a great indicator for forecasting the subjective view of the KR owner whether they will achieve the given KR.

However Gtmhub provides two more ways for visualizing Confidence levels which you might explore and consider for your account:

  • Text
  • Emoji

To change the confidence level labels:

  1. Go to the Settings (the gear ⚙️ icon in the bottom left corner)
  2. You'll land on Configuration > Methodology 
  3. Scroll down to Custom confidence labels section
  4. Click on Edit confidence labels button
  5. Click on the drop down under Label category and choose the respective type of labels
  6. Hit Save Confidence Labels

ℹ️ You can further customize each of the types - emoji and text with adding custom ranges, colors, etc.

Confidence level label examples

Few ideas how to utilize best the different types of Confidence level labels:

Numeric confidence scale

Using the classic RAG (red, amber, green):

Text confidence scale

Custom indicators for the KR progress:

Emoji confidence scale

Expressing the confidence through emotions:

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