Meet Claire Thomson. She is an energetic, outgoing person, who is part of the Marketing and Communications department and throughout the years she took different roles there.

Claire started as an intern and now she celebrated her 5 years' anniversary in the company on January 2nd. She acquired a lot of knowledge and practical experience and has the aspiration to become a team manager by the end of this year.

She is one of the top performing employees not only in her company which happens to use OKRs but also in her department. That’s why she decided to create an objective to help her grow her career and fulfill her dream of becoming a team manager.

I've discussed with Claire her goal and this is what she told me: 'The reason why I want to be more fulfilled and successful is in my strong belief in lifelong learning and constant personal growth. I also know that I have some valuable knowledge I can share with others who are starting their career in Marketing. I’ve mentored a couple of the new colleagues and it was an amazing experience for both sides. I know the ins and outs of the company and have previously been involved in the defining of the marketing strategies for multiple campaigns.'

Can't wait to see what her objective would be and what key results Claire will add.

Objective: Become a fulfilled and successful professional
To be achieved by the end of 2019

Key result 1: Spend at least 10 h per week in learning and self-development (KR type: should stay above)
Key result 2: Increase my income by 10% (KR type: should increase)
Key result 3: Keep overtime hours up to 10 per week (KR type: should stay below)
Key result 4: Decrease time spent in meetings to 10 h per week (KR type: should decrease)
Key result 5: Get the promotion (KR type: Achieved or Not)

Now it's time for Claire to add her OKR in Gtmhub. Here's how she did it:

Keep up the good work, Claire, and all the best with your OKR! I'm sure you'll achieve it with great success.

And thank you for sharing with us your Objective and Key results and guiding us on the process of coming up with different types of KRs and why you decided to use them.

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