Here's how the Hub should look like when you first log in to your account and have not set up your first OKRs:

In Gtmhub, we want all our users to know what they need to do next. The next step here is creating your first Objective and assigning Key Results to you or your team. Follow the built-in steps to keep yourself and your teammates in the OKR loop and ensure the successful implementation of OKRs.

Here's how the Hub should look like when you've set up your first OKRs:

We keep all the items you need to address in one place so you don't have to hunt for them. We've made the Hub so you can stay focused on your and your team's OKRs and tasks. You can update your OKRs quickly and easily with a few clicks.

In Gtmhub you are able to set a cadence per session: Weekly, Every two weeks or Monthly. This cadence defines when everyone is expected to update their OKRS. With delta values in the Hub (column named Change) you are able to see the difference in progress for a Key Result value since your last update. 

So, if you set your session cadence to Weekly, delta values will reset to 0 on Mondays. On Friday, when you review your OKRs, you can see the progress and percentage increase or decrease you experienced this week.

Here how it looks:

Add tasks to keep yourself focused and others informed of what you'll do:

In the Hub, you can easily associate your tasks and OKRs. You can create new tasks for yourself or others; see them in a list or Kanban view; and manage the status of your tasks. You can also add tasks without attaching them to OKRs.

If you want to review or update other people or team's OKRs, create a filter:

If you need to review or update other people or team's OKRs, simply create a filter in the Hub. Give your filter a name and search by the user or team or select from a list.

If you have OKRs ready for review, send them for approval from the Hub:

If an Approval Workflow is enabled for your session and you have OKRs that need to be sent for approval, you can attend to them in the Hub.

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