The Hub provides a complete summary of yours and your teammates' OKRs.

Here's how the Hub should look like when you first log in to your account and have not set up your first OKRs yet:

In Gtmhub, we want all our users to know what they need to do next. In this case, Gtmhub points out that the next step needed to be done is creating your first Objective and assigning Key Results to you or your team. Follow the built-in steps to keep yourself in the OKR loop and ensure the successful implementation of OKRs.

Here's how the Hub should look like when you've set up your first OKRs:

In Gtmhub, we keep all the items you need to address in one place so you don't have to hunt them around the entire platform. With that goal in mind, we've made the Hub so that seeing your OKRs is the first thing to occur to our attention. However, reviewing your OKRs is just the beginning. Gtmhub also enables you to update them and see your teammates' OKRs progress as well. 

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