In Gtmhub, you can define a custom color scale for the progress visualization of all OKRs allowing you to define the OKRs success criteria for your entire organization.

In this article we will explore:

Default color scale for OKRs progress

The color scale for OKRs progress settings are applied account wide and take effect over all OKR sessions you have created, meaning any objective and key result created in your account will have the same success criteria.

To access the color scale for OKRs progress settings in your account you'd need admin role or permissions to access the account settings.

By default all numbers in your Gtmhub account will be with the standard dark color:

Customize the Color scale for OKRs progress

Gtmhub provides a way to define the success criteria for the OKRs in your organization through enhancing the numerical values displayed in the interface with colors.

To access and update the color scale for OKRs progress settings:

  1. Navigate to the account Settings (the gear ⚙️ button on the bottom left corner)
  2. You'll land on Configuration > Methodology
  3. Scroll down to Color scale for OKRs progress section
  4. Click on the Set color scale button
  5. Choose an option from the drop down under Progress Colors
  6. Hit the Save color scale button

ℹ️ You can further customize each of the types with adding custom ranges and colors.

Progress colors options

Gtmhub allows you to set the individual progress coloring strategy of your company in 3 different ways:

No colors

The default setting. Do not use colors for objectives or KRs progress:

Colors only

Display only colors in the user interface but use numbers when updating the KRs and in the backend.

Numeric and colors

Combination of numbers and colors in the interface:

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