Coming up with OKRs might be a challenging endeavor especially when you are new to the concept and hasn't crafted OKRs before.

So to get you thinking about your personalized OKRs and give you some generic ideas as a basis, we offer example OKRs you can install in your Gtmhub account.

Here's how to access the templates:

  1. Go to OKRs 
  2. Pick a session you wand to add the examples in
  3. Select the Add from a template button
  4. Pick a team you're setting OKRs for
  5. Choose at least two objectives with at least two key results each
  6. When ready, click the Create objectives button (the OKRs you chose to add will be assigned to you personally)
  7. View your objectives

The best approach would be to tailor all OKRs you create in your account to your specific needs, reflecting the strategic decisions you've made for your company.

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