The goal of this guide is to show you how a regular Gtmhub user can draft, review, and approve OKRs.


Before users can start drafting, reviewing, and approving OKRs, account administrators must make sure they have enabled the Approval Workflow feature. 

Draft, In review, and Approved OKRs

Each OKR has three statuses:

  1. Draft: the OKR is still in draft. When you think it’s ready, you can send it for approval. The owner of the Objective is responsible for sending it for approval. 
  2. In review: the OKR is pending for review and approval. At this stage, the OKR is locked and the owner can’t do any changes. The reviewers are responsible for approving or declining it.
  3. Approved: ready to start tracking progress and update it regularly. If the owner wants to make changes, they have to withdraw it and go through the approval process again.

Note:  The admins  can work around the approval workflow restrictions at all times.


It's important to remember that if account administrators enable the feature per session, they can't go back and disable it. That's why, we've added a confirmation state to inform the session creator that there is no going back to "Don't use" after the session is created with enabled Workflow. 


When enabling the Approval Workflow feature, a new "Status" column will appear on the Objectives grid. This is how you can easily navigate through the list of Objectives that have either one of the four statuses related to the approval workflow feature - draft, in review, approved, needs reviewers.

Draft OKRs

Once you draft your new Objective (define Key Results and set the alignment to a higher-level Objective), it will automatically be set in a "Draft" status. 

When you are ready with drafting your OKRs, the next step that you have to take is to send them for additional review, approval, and feedback from your teammates. 


Please note that when your OKR is in a "Draft" status two changes will occur. "This OKR is still in draft." text box will now appear every time you click on a draft OKR. Second, in the "Objectives" menu, each OKR having this status will now be marked with a designated icon.

Send your OKRs for approval

The next step is to send your drafted OKRs for approval. To do so:

  1. Pick any OKR that is in a "Draft" status
  2. Click the Send for approval button
  3. Select Reviewers from the list
  4. Click Send for approval


Here's a workaround: for a quick and effective process, you can check which OKRs need to be reviewed and send them for approval directly from the Hub:

  1. Navigate to OKR for approval
  2. Choose OKRs in Draft status
  3. Click the Send for approval button
  4. Select Reviewers from the top down menu
  5. Click Send for approval


Please note that when you send your OKR for approval/review, it will change its status to "In review". As shown in the screenshot below, this will cause the following two changes. "This OKR is pending for review and approval." text box will now appear every time you select click on in-review OKRs. Second, in the "Objectives" menu, each OKR having this status will now be marked with a designated icon.


Adjusting the number of OKRs approvers can be done easily. Read this article to see how you - if being an account adminsitrator - can do that. 


Have in mind that only the objective owner can send an OKR for approval. If you are crafting OKRs for somebody else you won't be able to send the OKR for approval.

If the objective owner is a team, any team member part of this team, no matter if it's the manager or a regular team member, can send the OKR for approval.

Review/Approve OKRs

If your teammate has chosen you to review her Objective, you'll receive the following notification via e-mail:

When you click on the "View objective" button, you'll be re-directed to the "In Review" OKRs screen from where you can approve or withdraw the OKR.

To approve the OKR, follow these steps:  

  1. Click the Approve button
  2. Enter any comment (if any) that you may have
  3. Click Approve


The comment you enter will apper in the OKRs Comments section... 

as well as in your Inbox in the Hub.

Withdraw OKRs

You can withdraw your OKR in case you need more time to come up with the first draft. Here's how to do that:

  1. Select a specific "In review" OKR
  2. Click the Withdraw button
  3. Click Withdraw


It's important to remember that there is a difference between declining and withdrawing an OKR. Declining an OKR is done by the reviewer and is an action that allows her to leave a comment why the OKRs is being declined. Withdrawing is an action performed by the owner of the Objective and it doesn't include the comment option. When either one of the actions is performed, the OKR status changes to "Draft".  


If you're both an owner and a review of the OKR, you can approve or withdraw your OKR from approval.

Approval progress

Gtmhub is a sophisticated data-driven tool. As such, you can always keep track of data and rely on important information when it comes to the OKRs process in your company. Here's how to find out basic statistics regarding your company's OKRs approval process:

  1. Choose a Session
  2. Go to the Approval progress section 
  3. Find information you're looking for
  4. Nudge аpprovers with pending items 
  5. Nudge owners with OKRs in draft

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