While there are cases where you can assign more than 1 approver, you are NOT obligated to do so since your session is set to the limit of appointing only 1 approver. 

However, account administrators can easily increase that number and raise the bar of the minimum people needed to review OKRs to 2. 

Here's a before-after illustration that will help you make the difference between the two states.

Before changing the minimum number of OKRs appovers per session:

In this session, each OKR should be approved by 1 person. As pointed out in the illustration above, there are 2 OKRs set for this session. The first one (Improve satisfaction with support team's work) is approved because the reviewer approved this OKR.

The second one has the "In review" status. This is because the OKR has send for approval but still hasn't got a review from the assigned teammate. You can nudge your reviewer to send him a reminder to review your OKR. Read this article to learn how to do this.

After changing the minimum number of OKRs appovers per session:

Here's how to change the minimum number of OKRs approvers per session from 1 to 2:

  1. OKRs drop-down menu > Manage sessions
  2. Choose a session and then click on the ellipsis button right next to it
  3. Choose Edit 
  4. Pick Each OKR should be approved by 2 people option under the Workflow section
  5. Save session


Here are the changes that occurred after the OKRs reviewers minimum number was changed:

  • A new OKRs "Needs reviewers" state is being introduced 
  • You need to select more reviewers (at least 1 more) before submitting your OKR for approval. Once you do that, the OKR will acquire the "In review" status back.
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