Alignment (Beta)

Without alignment, it is difficult to realize even the best strategic plans.

To support your organization’s alignment, significant improvements to the Alignment (Beta) are coming.

The improved Alignment (Beta) will make it easier for you to see relationships between OKR Sessions and re-align OKRs if needed, and showcase OKRs. You can quickly explore your organization’s alignment to understand how everyone’s efforts contribute to the top-level goals.

Status: In Progress

KR Linking

Everyone in an organization should contribute to the organization’s top-level Objectives. Each team, no matter the function, is tasked with doing their part to make these Objectives successful.

In support of this, soon you’ll be able to link KRs. For example, a manager can decide to delegate a KR to multiple people in their team. Each team member can support in reaching the target, so altogether you can see how everyone’s contributions roll-up.

In the future, we'll be releasing instrumented tasking which will even further leverage this function.

Status: In Progress


An important form of communication within an organization is reporting. A regular communication rhythm can drive proactive decision-making and develop a competitive advantage as course corrections can happen more swiftly. 

Soon you’ll be able to see the progress your organization and teams are making in a convenient, consumable form as you reach your goals.

Status: In Progress

Insights and Insightboard Improvements

Access to data is vital to a business. The real value of data lies in their ability to deliver rich insights that can help you improve your business.

To aid in your ability to harness these insights, soon you’ll have a better handle on your data’s sync schedule. You will have better control over filters, be able to organize Insightboards, and more.

Status: In Progress

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