By default the Gtmhub Reports insightboard is only visible to users having "Manage Data" permission. 

Even if you are an admin, you cannot delete or edit it. If you want to share the reports with the rest of the organization, or save filters on the Gtmhub Reports insightboard, the best way is to clone the insightboard and manage the access permissions on the new cloned one.

Here's how to clone the insightboard:

  1. Navigate to Insights drop-down menu > Insightboards
  2. Navigate to Gtmhub Reports Insighboard 
  3. Click on the menu
  4. Select Clone option. 

You can now rename and rearrange the insights, delete the not needed ones, apply tags and manage access.

Applying filters

The Gtmhub Reports insightboard comes with predefined filters.

Using filters enable you to drill down specific information and customize all the data that insights in the "Gtmhub Reports" insightboard display.
It is a read-only insightboard:

  • Currently, you are not able to save the filters on the 'Gtmhub reports' insightboard. However, you can clone it, and that would make it as any other insightboard - editable, and shareable.

Here's how to apply filters:

  1. Navigate to the Insights drop-down > Insightboards > Gtmhub Reports insightboard
  2. Select a filter to apply
  • Every insight in the Gtmhub Reports Insightboard uses specific filter(s) depending on the information it is showing. If you need to customize the insights included in the original Gtmhub Reports insightboard, you can clone the insight and apply the desired changes. 
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