This is the first screen you will find yourself after login to your Gtmhub account. It will present you only the relevant information for you that is currently important, i.e. objectives, key results and tasks that are created in currently active sessions, assigned either to you or any of the teams you're part of.

Few actions that you can perform on this screen include:


This is the place where all of the OKRs will be created, edited, organized, aligned and analyzed. In other words, it’s a database of your OKRs.

All OKRs are distributed into sessions and depending on the Session status and the permissions your account administrator have set you might be able to:


The place where employees can be organized into teams, announcements can be made, people can recognize each other through badges, feedback and conversations around OKRs can be hosted.


This is where you can power-up your OKRs by plugging them in directly to software tools and data sources already at your disposal.

This allows you to have your key results update automatically based on changes you have made elsewhere on other systems.

Personal notifications

The user notifications live under the bell 🔔icon. This is the place to read the latest news and adjust your personal notifications settings.

User Profile

To access your personal profile in Gtmhub click on the burger menu at the top right corner. You'll get quick access to Edit your profile where you can add yourself a picture, change your names and password (if are using password specific for Gtmhub).

Account Settings 

Available for users with Admin user role in Gtmhub or the respective permissions level.
If you have permissions to manage the account settings you'll get a gear ⚙️ icon at the top right corner of your view.
You'll be able to manage the users and their roles, as well as set up the account configuration such as Single Sign On set up, logo upload, integrations with JIRA and Workplace, etc.

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