You can view your OKRs in Slack by adding the Gtmhub app to your Slack workspace.

Once you do this, you can message the bot directly, or summon the bot by typing a command in any channel. The first time, the bot will ask you to authenticate in Gtmhub.

The current list of commands is fairly short, but growing:

  • /gtmhub-okrs will show your OKRs, just like you would see them in the Hub. Initially, they will be visible only to you. You can share them in the channel if you hit 'Share'.
  • /gtmhub-help will return a link to this very article.
  • /gtmhub-login will give you a link to authenticate.
  • /gtmhub-logout will log you out of the current Gtmhub user that you authenticated with to use the Slack app.


  • How to update your KR:  From the dropdown, select Update and the experience would be just like you would update a KR in Gtmhub.
  • The titles of OKRs are hyperlinked, so a click would open them promptly in Gtmhub.
  • From the dropdown menu, you can hide a whole session, a single OKR or even a single KR before sharing in the channel.
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