How to connect

After you install Gtmhub app into your workspace then you have to do those steps:

  • In Gtmhub, navigate to Setup > Data Sources screen
  • Click the Add new data source button
  • From the Choose a connector dialog, select the Operations tab and then Intercom.

After you click on the Intercom tab of the menu just enter the datasource name of the connection so that you can later distinguish your Intercom datasource especially if your company uses more than one Intercom account.

After that you will have to give Gtmhub access your Intercom data. Then you will be automatically redirected to Gtmhub and now you are ready to select what kind of data you want to sync.

Now you are ready to write insights based on the data fetched from Intercom. An Intercom connection is saved the first time you add a datasource and if you selected "Users" you see this screen.

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