1. The OKRs are located in a session, which starts in the future, or
  2. Your "role" in the account does not allow you to view the OKRs.

Gtmhub platform shows in the "Hub view" only the current running OKRs .
We think the "Hub" is more user-friendly, if it shows only the running and respectively relevant OKRs . On this way the Hub view is clear and not so accumulated.

If your OKRs are not visible in Hub, then please check the start day of the session, where the OKRs are located. 

  1. If the session begins in some days (in a future), then please don't do anything. The OKRs will be automatically visible with the start day of the session.
  2. If the session is running but you see the following screen in the "Hub":

that means that your "role" does not allow you to see the "Hub".
The "Admin" and the "User" role allow you to see the "Hub" with the OKRs .

3. If the session is running and you have a "role" which allows you to see the "Hub", but you are not able to see it, then please contact us with a screenshot of your "Hub" view here support portal  , or send us an email here: supp[email protected]

Then we will contact you with further steps.


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