Starting with OKRs can be hard, especially in larger organizations. Many people wonder what makes up a good OKR. We often get asked, “What are some example OKRs for a VP of Engineering?” or “What are good OKRs for sales development representatives (SDRs)?”

To solve this problem, we created the Gtmhub Marketplace. In the Marketplace, you can install OKRs for yourself with one-click.

This is where you land when you go to the Gtmhub Marketplace (or click on the marketplace icon next to notifications). Start by clicking on "Get started →." 

To narrow your OKRs search:

  1. Select a tag or multiple tags listed under "Filter by tags" or 
  2. Search for OKRs by typing in the "Search for OKRs..." field

Get back to the full list of OKRs by clicking on OKRs in the navigation menu or by deselecting from the list on the left.

To see the full details of an OKR, click on "Show key results" and collapse by clicking on "Hide key results."

To install an OKR:

  1. Log in to your Gtmhub account or Sign up for an account
  2. Click on the "Select" button for the OKR you wish to install 
  3. Click on "Show selected OKRs." (You can continue looking for other OKRs to install by clicking on "Select more OKRs.")
  4. To remove KRs or OKRs before installing, click on the garbage can icon next the KR or the whole OKR set you wish to remove
  5. Select a session from the drop-down menu where you wish these installed OKRs to belong
  6. Click on "Install OKRs"

Once you've installed your OKRs, you can find them in your Hub under the session you selected during installation. You can assign and edit OKRs from here.

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