Creating an organizational chart in Gtmhub happens automatically. 

How to create an org chart?

To create an organizational chart in Gtmhub, you have to simply create teams under the People section and assign them parent teams. 

Once you have created your teams and you have assigned them the respective parent/child relationships, your org chart will be automatically created within the Organization tab. 

Relaxed view

Use the different views and the 'Collapse All'/'Expand All' options to easily display the information needed during your meetings, town halls, all hands, etc. 

Simple View

Compact View

Note that the organization of teams and the parent-child relationships between teams won’t have an impact on how your OKRs will be structured on the platform. This setup will only impact the Organization page.

Check out this blog post to learn more about setting up an org chart in Gtmhub.

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