To view your Performance report, navigate to Reporting > Performance report. Once there, you’ll see something like this. 

To export the Performance report, click on the 3 dots up right in the corner and select export to PDF.

📝 You can filter your report by session and team. To filter:

  • Click on a filter
  • Select from the available list of sessions and/or teams and
  • Click on the Apply selection button

Who can access a Performance report

People who have the Admin and Data roles can view a Performance report.

What’s included in your Performance report

There are several Insights included in your report. Here is a brief description of each one. Each Insight represents data relative to the filter(s) you select.

  • OKR performance - The average progress of OKRs
  • OKRs with no progress - The number of OKRs that have 0 progress

If you click on View list, you can see all the OKRs with 0 progress and can click on the Ask for an update button which lets you send an email to follow up.

  • Average confidence - The average confidence level
  • Progress by user - The OKR progress for each individual contributor
  • Attainment by team - The OKR progress for each team and their team members
  • Progress by tag - The average progress of OKRs by tag
  • Tasks - The tasks count by status (i.e. To-do, In Progress, and Done)

How to clone the Performance report to customize it

Just like with any other insightboard, you are able to clone a report to customize it further. You can edit, rearrange and delete Insights to be specific for your organization’s needs.

For example, you may want to see OKRs with 70% or more progress. Simply add an insight or edit one of the existing insights in your cloned report.

To clone the Process report, click on the ellipsis (…) on the top right and select Clone this insightboard.

When you do this, you’ll have a cloned copy and can customize the report as with any other insightboard.

Pro-tip: To be able to use the insights in the Performance and Process report in other insightboards, you need to clone the Reports first.

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