Good Objectives are qualitative and inspirational. On the other hand, Key Results are quantifiable. They answer the question, "how do we know we met our objective?"

To support the creation of good OKRs, we created the Gtmhub Marketplace. In the Marketplace, you can install OKRs and Insights with just a few clicks. A Gtmhub Insight visualizes specific data from Gtmhub or another tool/integration based on SQL and HTML commands. Through the Marketplace, you can acquire Insights without having to write a single line of code.

One of the superpowers of OKRs is tracking—making OKRs public and trackable. Automating OKRs in Gtmhub means taking an Insight and turning it into a dynamic Key Result. As you work toward your goals, Gtmhub updates your dynamic Key Results for you by pulling in data from the integrated business systems you choose.

How to Install an Insight from Gtmhub Marketplace

In this example, you'll see how to get Jira Insights. You'll need to connect Jira (or any of the business systems you're interested in) and Gtmhub first for your Insights to show up. Here's how to connect Jira and Gtmhub if you haven't already done this.

1. Navigate to Gtmhub Marketplace

You can also access the Marketplace in the top right navigation when you're logged in

2. Click on Get Started

3. Click on Insights in the navigation menu

4. You can narrow your search—Filter by connections or Search for Insights…

5. Click on Select to choose an Insight for installation

6. Once you're satisfied with your selection, click on Show selected insights

7. You have a few options to consider before installation:

You can delete Insights you don't want by clicking on the trash can icon to the left of the Insight name.

Optional You can decide which Insightboard the Insights should go. If you don't choose a name for your Insightboard, one will be created for you using your user name (e.g., Jenny Herald's board). Otherwise, you can:

  • Have them all on one Insightboard by clicking on the checkbox next to Install all insights on the same board
  • Or create a new Insightboard for all or each Insight by clicking in the area to the right of the ✏️ and providing a name
  • Or select a pre-existing Insightboard by clicking on Select board and choosing from the list

8. Click on Install insights

9. Click on Go to insightboards and navigate to the Insightboards you created

Here's what this Insightboard looks like.

How to make an Insight into a dynamic Key Result

You can automate your Key Results using your newly installed Gtmhub Insights. Here's a handy article on How to define dynamic Key Results.

What to do when you've installed an Insight, but a business system is not connected yet

If you install an Insight from the Marketplace and that business system is not connected yet, you'll see a message that reads ⚠️ This Insight is not connected yet. Please click to connect. Once you connect the data source, the Insight data will appear in your Insightboard.

1. Click on the blue banner at the top of the Insight

2. Set up the data source as per the instructions and authenticate. Here's an example for Salesforce.

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