Gtmhub is a helpful fellow when it comes to reminding that your key result updates are due.

Automated email reminders can be received on a regular basis and provide you with a one-click option to update all of the OKRs. To reiterate, a person may be responsible for following key results:


To be able to configure the reminder OKR report settings, you must be an administrator.


Perform the following:

  1. In the bottom of the navigation pane, click Settings.

  2. On the Configuration tab, click Reports and notifications.

  3. In Reports and notifications section, click Report settings.

  4. Here we will be working with the Send OKRs update reminder section.

  5. In Report cadence dropdown box, select how often you want to receive the update reminders. Choose between Daily, Weekly, Every two weeks, and Monthly.

  6. Under Cadence, select the day of the week, the hour and the minutes for sending the update reminders. *Note that this option will only appear when selecting any other option besides Daily.

  7. The system automatically detects your browser’s time zone. However, if needed you can set a different time zone at the bottom of the window.

  8. When setting up the OKR update reminders report you must select the channel via which you'd like to send the reminders. You can chose between Email, Slack and Microsoft Teams. You can select more than one channel.

  9. To turn off OKR update reminders, uncheck the box to the right of "Send OKRs update reminder.

  10. Click Save settings.

After configuring your Report Settings , you will be enjoying regular notifications about updates for your OKRs directly coming to the email address, that is connected with your Gtmhub account


Who receives the OKR update reminders

You will receive a reminder to update your OKRs if you own a KR, or if you are the manager of a team, and that team owns an OKR

Which OKRs are included in the reminders

Gtmhub will send you reminders to update OKRs which meet the following conditions:

  1. You are an owner of the OKRs

  2. The session they belong to is current. In other words:

    1. the session status is Active or In Progress

    2. The session's start date is before today and the session end date is after today.

  3. You have not updated the OKRs in the current session cadence

Which OKRs are excluded from the reminders

  1. Achieved - with progress equal or more than 100%

  2. KRs already updated in the current cadence

  3. Dynamic KRs

  4. KRs part of closed or achieved objectives

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