Process and Performance reports in the Reporting section of Gtmhub can be accessed by people with the "Manage Data" permission. If you want to make them available for the rest of your organization, here's what you have to do.

Cloning the reports

Just like with any other insightboard, you are able to clone a report to customize it further. This includes allowing teams or people to have access to the reports.

Upon cloning, you will be asked to add the new name for the report clone and select custom permissions if needed. This is where you can select which teams or people you want to have access to this report.

Once cloned, you will find a copy of it in the Insightboards section. "Read" permissions will allow your teams to view the reports. If you want them to view and use the filters you should assign them the "Read" and "Update" permissions. 

You can learn more about the different types of permissions in insightboards here

From the insightboards section you can now edit the permissions additionally if needed and customize the reports to suit your business needs and OKR process.

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